Wow!!! What a competition. Thank you all for attending Inspire’s Spring Spectacular on Sunday 8th May, we hope you all enjoyed it. This blog post is to tell you a little bit more about the competition and the pieces the gymnasts performed on. 
For this competition the floor was a dance routine to Shivers by ED Sheeran. This dance helped to warm the gymnasts up at the start of the competition so they were ready to train. We added into the routine jumps, shapes, stretching and some conditioning to show the spectators the type of fundamental movements we complete in gymnastics. 
All of the children have loved practicing the trampette in our classes, so we thought it was only right to put it as a piece in our competition. Our trampette routines consisted of completing two jumps, one that was chosen by the coaches and another that was the gymnast’s choice. This could be a tuck jump, pike jump, star jump or even a front somersault. The aim of trampette is to complete the chosen jump with correct body shape and then land on the mat, holding a landing position for three seconds without moving your feet or your body. 
As well as trampette, vault is another favourite piece for gymnasts to go on as it includes running, jumping and skills like bunny hops and handstands. For younger age groups we really focused on jumping on the springboard and holding landings, as this helps on all pieces. AS the gymnasts got older the vaults get harder. We progressed onto squat on and straddle on with a jump off which is performed on a block, we also had some handstand flat backs and handsprings over the table vault which is really impressive. 
We made different beam routines for each age groups that were competing. We started off with walking with high knees, crouching down then standing up, and jumping over bean bags, as these really help to build confidence on beam as it can be very scary. Then we progressed to balancing on the beam, walking sideways and backwards, cat leaps, and even some handstands, which was amazing to see. We recorded all of the beam routines so that gymnasts could practice at home. 
Once again thank you for attending Inspires Spring Spectacular, it was amazing to see everyone competing and having a smile on their faces. We hope you can attend our next competitions in the future! 
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