What an amazing time we had at our spring spectacular competition! Sunday the 8th May was our competition open to all of our recreational gymnasts here at inspire and we hope you all enjoyed it. This year we were able to give out our yearly awards which was a great success! Lots of awards were given to our gymnasts and we had so many smiling faces. The awards we held this year were as follows: Best Newcomer, I Did It!, Helping Hand, Most Entertaining, Superstar, Bravery Award, Hardest Worker, Best Attitude, Biggest Smile and Young Leader. 
As well as these new awards we held an old classic, the Karl Bloxham award. Karl Bloxham was an important person to Inspire, he played a huge part in helping us set up and settle into the gym we have today. In memory of Karl, we have an award in his name which can be given to anyone within the Inspire family. Whoever receives this award, gets their name engraved into one of the plaques we have on the Karl Bloxham shield, as well as a small trophy award of their own to keep. In the past, we have awarded this to gymnasts for big achievements, young leaders for their hard work and effort they put into the club, and in general anything that can be recognized as something good. Due to us being locked away for so long during covid, we missed a year of awarding Karl’s award, so thought this year it was time to make up for it. 
For the year 2020-21, we wanted the focus of the award to be about what our gymnasts did for us during the covid lockdowns, as we thought it was something that shouldn’t go unrecognized. Out of all the amazing things everyone did for us two things in particular stood out. Teja and Luka Kazlauskaite were awarded for saving up all of their own pocket money, so that they could donate it to us as a thank you. How amazing is that! We also awarded Jessica Bulling for raising over £500 for the club during lockdown. She did this off her own back, by creating 10 challenges to complete within 10 days. So awesome! 
For this year, 2022, we gave this award to two gymnasts who made huge achievements whilst competing. Rosie Gray, one of our Women’s Artistic gymnasts, was awarded as she was given the highest overall score on bars at regional grades, the judges only took 0.4 off her whole score. Amazing! Zoe Garner, who is one of our senior tumblers, was also awarded due to having the highest overall score at the qualifier for the English championships! She also got it for her amazing attitude within her training sessions. 
A massive well done to every single gymnast who won an award at our competition! We can’t wait for our next in-house competition. Keep working hard! 
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